3D Printing Nickel Aluminum Alloy Powder Ni-Al Alloy Powder

3D Printing Nickel Aluminum Alloy Powder Ni-Al Alloy Powder


Characteristics of nickel aluminum alloy powder:

Nickel-aluminum alloy powder is a silver-gray amorphous powder with moderate flammability. In the presence of water, it is partially activated and hydrogen is easily agglomerated, which is easily weathered by exposure to air for a long time.

Product discription for nickel aluminum alloy powder:

Product name: nickel aluminum alloy powder
particle size: 10~400mesh
nickel content: 45~50%
aluminum content: 50~55%
Appearance: silver grey powder
package: 25kg or 50kg/package
storage: store in cool and dry place

Nickel aluminum alloy powder application:
This product is a semi-finished product of Raney nickel catalyst, which is activated to obtain the corresponding Raney nickel catalyst. It is mainly used in the catalyst hydrogenation reaction of basic organic chemicals. It can be used for hydrogenation of organic hydrocarbon bonds, hydrogenation of carbon-nitrogen bonds, hydrogenation of nitroso compounds with nitro compounds, hydrogenation of azo with oxidized azo compounds, imines, amines and diazonium dibenzyl, It can also be used in a dehydration reaction, a ring formation reaction, a condensation reaction, and the like. The most typical applications are hydrogenation of glucose and hydrogenation of fatty nitriles. It is widely used in medicine, fuel, oil, spices, synthetic fiber and other fields.